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Christmas Cards Collection


Are you tired of greeting cards that depict just cuteness and happyness?

This collection is different!

It features also grumpy but still cute and fun owls to give smiles and laughs!

These greetings can have a lot of nuances to express hidden messages to your beloved ones!

Preview the

full collection


My illustrations are available on various products that are perfect for Christmas gifts. You can find them in my shops.

Don't wait too long, it's already time to get ready for the Holiday season!

Preview the full collection

Christmas Cards Collection


Do you want to give someone a memorable greeting this season? Well, here's the perfect collection of cute owls and fun sentences to wish you the best for the seasons! With irony and a modern palette of colors, even the grumpiest characters are irresistible! What are you waiting for? It is already time to get ready to surprise friends and beloved ones with these special greetings!





If you would like to license my illustrations on your products,

please contact me with the following button.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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planner this week sticker

Patterns and Illustrations

Flowers with a retro vibe

flowers everywhere reminiscent of retro and nostalgic lightheartedness.

Imagined to decorate the

textiles and interiors of a camper but suitable for many décor ideas.

Alea iacta est - dice pattern

A pattern with many dice in random order. Fun, decorative.

The title is intended to be an ironic reinterpretation of modern decision-making multitasking. Imagined for bedding sets or a pillow collection can decorate many gift ideas.

Available in multiple colors and sizes.

New York’s snow globe

This design represents some of the most characteristic and memorable places in New York, in the format of the most romantic souvenirs: the snow globes.

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Even in German

Are you ready for a time-telling adventure with OscarDerGat?

Dive into a fun and engaging journey

of understanding time, clocks, and intervals,

all in a kid-friendly format that will inspire

the little ones to explore and learn.

This book, published in Italian, is a cherished resource for families who need a friendly approach to teaching time concepts.

This includes expat families in German-speaking countries where children need to learn to tell the time and say it in German, a challenge that OscarDerGat happily takes on.

The English version of our beloved book is coming soon, ready to spread joy and knowledge even further. Sign up for updates to be the first to know when it’s available and to get your OscarDerGat's freebies!

Join OscarDerGat in a friendly adventure into the world of

time and clocks,

soon available in English!

Discover a Fun Way to Master Time and Clocks


inspired by Incredible Women

tribute to Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama - With just one polka dot, nothing can be achieved.

tribute to Samantha Cristoforetti

Samantha Cristoforetti - the sky has no limits

Tribute to Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay - Transform the world through color

Free Stamp

Stickers and gifs

It's Halloween season!

We don't know about you, but we love finding new ways to make our Instagram stories and TikToks more fun. And stickers are the best way to do that, hands down (we're not biased).

So what are you waiting for?

Get your hands on some of our free Halloween stickers today and start spicing up your social media!

You can find them at Giphy or use "MaddaMom" as an alternate search term on your platform.

If you need help using gifs or stickers for IG stories, we did a youtube tutorial here.

Don't forget to tag us (@jamsolutions or #maddamom) so we can see what you've created with our stickers!

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Redbubble a Global Online Marketplace for Print-on-Demand Products Based on User-Submitted Artwork



for Creatives

Laptop Computer Isolated
Paints and Brushes
Black Apple iPad Pro Frame
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Let's dive into what we can do with a 3d pen and with lines.

The Line is one of the basic elements of Art and in this class we are going to explore it and exploit it as a fun way to get familiar with a 3d pen and also do some cute ornaments for Christmas!

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I got my first 3dPen several years ago and I have never stopped being fascinated by how creative and stimulating it is. Additionally, I have found that the 3D pen is also a fantastic STEM activity to do with my child and it has become one of our favorite to share together.

This passion has led me to teach my art online and in-person, with courses dedicated to anyone who wants to discover how to use the 3D pen to create three-dimensional objects. In this page, you can find information to reach me and discover all my activities, such as my Skillshare class, my YouTube channel, my templates, and my Pinterest boards with many suggestions and ideas!

3dPen art

Person Browsing Destinations Online on Tablet
Person Browsing Destinations Online on Tablet

online class

Discover the fundamentals with my Skillshare class! Not a platform user yet? Use my link to enjoy a month of free access to all courses!

Love YouTube tutorials? Don't miss my 3D pen projects playlist for exciting and creative ideas!

Looking for new and unique models to use right away? Do you need private lessons? Check out gumroad shop! (coming soon)

Procreate tutorials in Italian

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Available on Amazon!

Getting rid of clutter will be a breeze when you use these notebooks to keep your notes organized while studying or practicing on your Ipad following video tutorials.

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Available on Amazon!

Colorful Notebooks to have fun while taking notes on paper.

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These colorful "Tutorial Notebooks" are specially designed for ProCreate users, but can be extremely helpful for taking notes during any video lessons in general.

Inside, the pages are shaped with templates to enhance your notes and organize your learning path.

Based in Switzerland, my favorite places are museums, libraries, and tree walks.

I love photography, watercolors, and digital art.

My dream is to meet one day in any city in the world a stranger who wears something with one of my designs.

I am currently innovating my own collections, which big retailers will be able to license.

Recently I received tutelage from some of the biggest artists in the art licensing arena

(Liz Kohler Brown, Stacie Bloomfield, Lisa Bardot and Mable Tan).

I'm part of an active community of creative entrepreneurs with Savanna Rawson, Carolyn Rouse, Jules Russell, Izzat Azam and Mandy Wax.

If you are interested in my work and want to license one of my designs, illustrations or even propose a collaboration, I would be happy to hear from you.

You can reach me via email at jamsolutions.zh@gmail.com

or with this form.

About me

Tchaikovsky Children's Album

Dear all, I am so excited to reveal this collaboration with the very talented, hard-working and fantastic Julia Vasilenko.

Stay tuned for the release! In the meanwhile follow Julia in her channels!

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Julia Vasilenko is a classical pianist and educator of Russian origin based in the USA.

Born in 1984 in Moscow, Julia started playing piano at age 5. As a child she gained professional training at the Music School under Department of Pedagogical Practice of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Professors Maria Egorova, Natalya Lyubomudrova and Alexander Merkulov) and Prokofiev Children Music School (Prof. Sofia Ostrovskaya). In 1999-2003 Julia continued her education at the Gnessin State Musical College (Prof. Irina Savina), graduating with honor. In 2009 she also graduated with honor from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and completed her post-graduate course there in 2012 (Prof. Maxim Filippov).

Julia is the author and presenter of concerts-lectures, which were held in many concert halls in Moscow, as well as in France and the USA (both in Russian and English). The audience of her educational music programs varies from 4-year-old children to music teachers. Within the framework of the major Moscow state project Classical Music in Kindergarten the pianist created and presented the cycle of interactive educational fairy-tale concerts Visiting the Fairy of Music. Another major project of hers is a cycle of concerts-lectures about Russian composers. A number of musicological articles by Julia Vasilenko, mainly focused on interpretation of piano works by Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff, are published in professional magazines.

Apart from her solo projects, Julia willingly participates in festivals and concerts with other musicians and performs in chamber ensembles. Collaborating with Maxim Mironov, Oles Paritsky and other opera singers, she recorded the CD with Russian songs (2003, Ruslan). In 2007-2008 she co-organized the charitable and educational project To Rachmaninov and his beloved Ivanovka. In 2010-2014 Julia Vasilenko worked as a piano teacher at the Prokofiev Children Music School in Moscow.

She is one of the organizer and performer of Music for Ukraine, a benefit concert where premier classical musicians from Connecticut and New York gathered to explore the music of Ukraine in a plea for peace and healing. All proceeds went to the American Red Cross Ukrainian Humanitarian Crises Fund.

Chess Notebooks

Are you a chess geek?

A chess fan?

Did you just start your adventure with Chess or wishing to begin soon?

Here is what you need to document your journey

Stay tuned for the release!

flag: U.S. Outlying Islands


Check this website for more info about how to use them.

You can clean them with dish soap and water (not to warm) .

I use them mostly as a cover for jars, they are super easy to shape, reuse and I feel they make me save a lot on plastic!

All the fabrics used have one of my illustrations and they are available here.

flag: Germany

Weitere Informationen zu ihrer Verwendung finden Sie auf dieser Website (EN).

Sie können sie mit Spülmittel und Wasser (nicht zu warm) reinigen.

Ich benutze sie meistens als Deckel für Gläser, sie sind super einfach zu formen, wiederzuverwenden und ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich dadurch viel Plastik sparen kann!

Alle verwendeten Stoffe haben eine meiner Illustrationen und sind hier erhältlich.

Italy Flag with Rounded Corners

Controlla questo sito Web per ulteriori informazioni su come utilizzare questi involucri per alimenti ricoperti con cera d'api (in inglese).

Puoi pulirli con detersivo per piatti e acqua (tiepida).

Io li uso principalmente come copri barattoli, sono super facili da modellare, riutilizzare e ho riparmiato tantissima plastica!

Tutti i tessuti utilizzati hanno una delle mie illustrazioni e sono disponibili qui.

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